Make makeup last

A beautiful woman

Heat is probably one of the commonest features of African countries. The majority of nations in this continent experience summer heat all year round, thus the vast population is exposed to harsh sun rays every single day. Exposing one’s skin to such heat can be damaging and besides the damage it can cause to the skin, it makes it even harder to sustain makeup or make it last longer than mid afternoon when the sun heats the most. Here are a few tips you can consider:

Clean skin of oil and dirt: Oil and dirt clog the pores of the skin and the reason why it is essential to have the face cleansed of all dirt and oil to give you a fresh start before you begin applying makeup. Makeup should be applied on fresh skin so if your goal is to make your makeup last longer, then you have to dedicate more time to cleansing the skin. You can buy daily cleansers from any store. I especially like Skin Success Shine Control daily scrub because it contains bursting beads which exfoliates to create an all-day shine-free. The beauty of it is that it is oil-free. You can also try Olay’s Regenerist cleanser which is a daily cream wash.

Use SPF 15 moisturizer: Always use facial moisturizers that contain SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh ray.

Always use primer before applying foundation as it helps to sustain makeup.

Quality is key if you want your makeup to last long so use high quality makeup products. If you use translucent loose powder or pressed powder, be sure that your makeup will stay longer. Try Flori Robert’s oil-blotting pressed powder. Black Opal’s total coverage pack comes with an invisible oil-blotting powder that can be applied on the face after applying foundation and just before applying the loose powder. It helps to reduce oil.

If you use either sponge or brush, make sure they are of high quality and try not to smudge makeup on the face to avoid caking. Basically, don’t over-do anything as the African sun will embarrass you.

And to make lipstick last longer, add powder to tissue and press your lips over the tissue and apply lip gloss or lip stick over it.

End the day by cleansing your face and skin before climbing into bed.


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