Becoming FM Group distributor

What you must know about becoming distributor

Please log on to to register as distributor

perfume sample packIf you are worried about having capital to start this business venture as a distributor with FM Group, do not panic. FM Group combines sales of products with network marketing opportunity that allows you to not only make profit from sales of products which include perfumes and cosmetics, but to earn commission as well from your sales and sales of distributors you bring into the group. To get started, all you need is to pay a fee to get your starter pack which includes a case of over 100 perfume samples, a marketing manual and catalogue. You also get a bottle of perfume for yourself (Please check out sample pack).

Once you purchase the starter pack, you must familiarize yourself with the products, try them on family and friends. Get them interested, market the products to would-be customers; just get the vibe of the business and get orders. This will give you an idea of customer expectations and who knows, if you collect money up-front for orders, well your capital is taken care of.

You are free to engage in any marketing activity you want; I have an excellent idea in Product parties – please read article below. Once you register as distributor, a website will be created for you.  

As team members, we create a network that allows us to interact, share ideas and to help one another grow. If you have more questions, pls call on 234(0)8023163461, 234(0)7057196017 or email You can also leave a comment here.

Best Wishes,

Bronzegoddess NG.

Completing the online registration form

To register at, click ‘Register with FM’ which will open a registration form in a new window. Please click on ‘I am not based in the UK’ if you are outside of the UK and then go on to complete your contact details. Under ‘payment type’, choose ‘Kit received’. Under credit card options, type 0 in all the boxes. Skip the starter pack options and go straight to complete your bank details. Please do remember to tick the ‘Personal Data’ column. That’s all you need to fill the online form.

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