moisturizing with body oil

If you have dry skin, then you must know how important it is for you to moisturize your skin. For mature skin, when they age, the skin loses moisture and elasticity as such, it is vital that women with mature skin moisturize their skin daily to give it the elasticity and suppleness the skin needs.

Rather than just rub body oil on your skin, simply add it to your bathing water and bathe with it. You can also apply it on your damp skin and allow your skin to dry naturally.

Body oils are known to provide an all day moisture; even way better than moisturizing lotion. If you have mature skin, then try Clarins body treatment oil which firms and moisturizes at the same time. Because your skin is very important, don’t take moisturizing for granted.


2 thoughts on “moisturizing with body oil”

  1. What body cream would you suggest for someone with oily skin?and daily routine that should be observed? I seriously need an advice as I most times have skin reations and pimples breakout.thank you.


    1. Hello Beatrice,

      Thanks for the question. Do you by any chance use your body cream on your face? Because you should not. If you have oily skin, you need a lotion with a good amount of moisture not oil. You can use Flori Roberts Cream Brulee which is light and fluffy as ice cream! For your face, try plant based light-weight oil-free moisturizers like Flori Roberts Enlighten range or Adrien Arpel. Cheers!


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