Transit from day to night with Zaron Makeup




Night makeup


Day makeup



The one question people ask me when they buy eyeshadow palettes from me is what shades of eyeshadow to use for day and the ones for night. Simple rule: keep it simple but with an edge for day and go all out at night. Here, am using all Zaron products to show you how.

Zaron cream to powder foundation for night
Zaron matifying pressed powder for both day and night
Zaron eyeshadow and blush palette
Zaron tonee red lipstick

Zaron eyeshadow and blush palette


For day look, I used the top eyeshadow from the palette. In the case, it looks like charcoal but once applied, it is bronze. I know it contains shimmer but it is not too frightening to wear for day.

For the night look, I used the bottom eyeshadow in the palette which is black. So, I went all out.

This ‘Tonee red’ Zaron lipstick transits from day to night because it is that great. It is a long lasting all day lipstick that can withstand anything; whether you eat or drink, the lipstick stays on.

For blush, I used both shades of blush in the palette. I mixed both colors to get the blush I have on my cheeks.

If you like this makeup and this post, do let us know; and if you have any makeup that transits from day to night, do share with us. Cheers!


9 thoughts on “Transit from day to night with Zaron Makeup”

  1. Pls am really interested in either becoming a distributor with zaron make_up or having a training with her,pls I need information on these,probably a number to call or pin to add up. Thanks,waiting for reply.


    1. Hi,

      I am a Zaron distributor not the company itself. And we do makeup training that includes skincare, makeup and Gele. I have sent a mail to you already. Thanks


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