Oh yes, beauty therapy is good mood uplifter

Ok, so you thought this was an exaggeration? Beauty therapy does wonders for our mood and self confidence. You heard me;a good beauty therapy session is a great way to uplift one’s mood, which in turn, improves our self confidence.

Stress is all around us; that is the bane of modern living. I have been under stress for months now. I am still nursing a baby, I have to run a home and a business – without complaining. And yes, homework to assist my older daughter with! You do know how difficult it is to look good under stress and how makeup on the go becomes your habit? Before you know what, you are ditching makeup, and turning to plain Jane to keep up with your busy life. This happened to me and not only that, I was starting to feel my self confidence shaky. So this past weekend, I dedicated it to me. I went to my favorite salon, got my hair done, received a refreshing pedicure and foot massage; got myself made up. I felt so relaxed and rested that as I rose to my feet, I felt my mood lighten and because I felt so good about myself, I felt my self confidence return to me again.

So I made a promise to myself – not matter how stressed I am or how much my baby son screams, I would get makeup on my face before I leave the house! Period!

To achieve this, I keep my makeup simple, basic and apply multifunctional makeup products. You should try it.

If you want to learn about simple makeup that saves time, read my next post.


For this makeup, I used:

Mary Kay Timewise matte foundation
Mary Kay cranberry cream blush on the cheeks and eyes
Flori Roberts orange lipstick
Flori Roberts black magic eye liner


2 thoughts on “Oh yes, beauty therapy is good mood uplifter”

  1. I would kind to have a verdict of a good foundation and powder brand a makeup artist should invest in. The verdict should be interms of coverage, blotting effects and durabilty. Thanks a lot. I would be waiting for a reply.


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