Here's my debut E-Zine "The Beautiful Skin Issue"

Nigerian beauty and makeup online magazine

Hey guys, this is the maiden edition of my new pet project – The Bronze Goddess blog’s online magazine. Yippee! You might wonder why do this when I am already blogging right? Oh well, I have many reasons why I have decided to dedicate myself to publishing theme-focused post contents monthly.

For one, I realized that for most of we bloggers, blogging is mostly spur of the moment- you get an idea from just about any where, put your words in coherent form and go viral. I realized that because this happens to me a lot, I could go months without uploading new posts, which is not great for blogging. So, I decided that though I would go on with my spur of the moment blogging, I also wanted to be organized, to have a theme-focused project to write about monthly, which gives me a more professional approach. I am excited and I hope you enjoy the contents of my first online magazine.

The tag I have chosen for this maiden edition is “The Beautiful Skin” because I have realized that women focus much on makeup to fix imperfections that they neglect their skin or forget that beauty is in deeded, skin deep. If we can spend time nourishing our skin, then we would not need this much amount of makeup.

My posts for this edition provides an understanding of the nutrients our skin need and how good nutrition can solve such skin problems as acne, pimples, aging, uneven skin tone, among others.

Check out the posts:

GLOWING SKIN NATURALLY: Lighter, fairer, You at:







For each of these topics and skin problems addressed in the different posts, you will find DIY facials and therapy you could try.


Happy reading!





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