Another vibrant Nigerian traditional wedding


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Still on this Month’s edition of online magazine, still on weddings.

In past blog posts, I had described Nigerian traditional weddings as vibrant, colourful and loud. Those words are still true! Our culture exudes colours and pageantry, so naturally, when you are contracted as a professional makeup artist, you know your job is cut out. Not only is it your job to makeup the bride, you have to dress the bride in the traditional Nigerian attire that is common with the culture the bride belongs as well as tie ‘gele’ (head tie) for the bride. Take it from me, bridal geles are hardly modest.

The bride before makeup:


And after:




Because the nature of our culture allows our brides’ makeup to be loud, we try as much as possible to make her the centre of the celebration and go easy on the bridemaid’s makeup.

Check out the bridesmaid:



And after…



During Nigerian traditional weddings, we have colour themes and for this wedding, the couple chose pink for traditional and orange for the church wedding. We compensate for the barely- there natural makeup of church weddings with vibrant and loud makeup that elaborate traditional weddings provide.



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