Makeup guide to natural beauty

Wanting natural beauty presents its own kind of responsibility because if you desire bare face all natural beauty, you must take care of your skin.


1. Eat right. Nutrition affects our skin so please eat a well balanced diet. Eat foods rich in vitamins A,C and E. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water.

2. Take care of your skin by using the right beauty products. Buy the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type and don’t keep experimenting with just about any beauty product. Stick with what works for you.

3. Always use sunscreen as it shields your skin from harmful sun rays. Always buy skincare and makeup products with SPF. Zaron makeup powders and foundation contain SPF 15.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle. By exercising and staying away from smoking and alcohol this will help your skin a lot.

5. When it comes to makeup, light is better. So always buy light weight oil-free mineral or water based makeup.

6. Keep your makeup simple, quick, easy but elegant.


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