Style guide to tying Gele – The Flamboyant & bridal style

Hi guys,

How you doin’? Am actually feeling fantastic, even though work load a bit much. I have been inspired by the increasing number of visits this blog receives for the pictorial tutorial on how to tie Gele that I decided to include more styles.

This Gele style is big, flamboyant and one of the favourites by brides.

STEP 1: Make sure the Gele is equal at both ends and flip it over your head. Take both ends to the back of your head and swap sides as though you were knotting a scarf. Left goes to the right and vice versa.

gele 052


STEP 2: Take one side and flip it across the head to the other side, while one finger presses down on the Gele for a firm grip


gele 053


See how it looks when crossed over, with the Gele over lapping the front. Hold it firmly at the back.


gele 054



STEP 3: Before knotting, open the Gele at the middle so that it opens at the centre.



gele 056
You are going to pick the center of this flap and make a ”paper fan” with your fingers


STEP 4: After knotting the the Gele, pull it backwards to free it of wrinkles.

gele 057


already, you can see pleats or steps forming on the Gele. Use your finger to squeeze the Gele down – it would form natural pleates, which you flatten by pressing it down with your fingers.



gele 060


gele 061


gele 062


This Gele is stylish, flamboyant and very bridal.


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