Shea love: why high grade Shea butter is important 

Hi guys,

I just got my fresh batch of raw Shea butter from the farm yesterday so I am so excited!

This raw Shea butter is harvested from Shea nuts grown in Western Nigeria. I particularly love this one because of its creamy and soft texture which makes it fantastic for making body butters, hair creams or even lip balms. 

As a maker of organic skincare products in Nigeria, using high grade and fresh Shea butter is very important because the quality does affect the outcome and shelf life of Shea butter skincare products that you make. If you make such products, make sure the Shea butter is fresh, that it is clean and free of dirts and nuts residue; make sure it is not stale as stale Shea butter often times have insects dwelling in them, they also tend to bore holes in them and look swollen with water. When you melt them, you would find the Shea oil floating at the top while the water would settle at the bottom. 
The best way to get fresh and high grade Shea butter is to source them from the Shea butter growers themselves that way you are guaranteed freshness and quality. And when you do get them, keep them securely wrapped and stored in a cool, dry place. I have a large bucket into which I store raw Shea butter.

Shea butter is great for cooking, skin, hair and nails so get on board today!

2 thoughts on “Shea love: why high grade Shea butter is important ”

    1. Hi dear, pls I need you to text me your full address so I could send you what you’ve won. My number is 08098303030. You don’t need to store Shea butter in a freezer. It doesn’t spoil if stored in a cool, dry place. Cheers


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