ENE Naturals Lightening Black Soap

ENE Naturals lightening black soap is enriched with kojic acid to naturally lighten the skin and clear blemishes and spots for an even tone.

Ingredients are: black soap, kojic acid, turmeric, lemon oil, coconut oil, glycerin, collagen, vitamin E, lanolin, citric acid and lavender oil.
Cup Size: 200ml

You can order for this product online from anywhere in Nigeria. Delivery is available across Nigeria.



4 thoughts on “ENE Naturals Lightening Black Soap”

  1. hello

    I would like to order the ene naturals lightening black soap and ene brightening black soap
    I live in lekki phase 1
    is there any way I can order quick?
    thanks for your swift response !


    1. Hello Koko, could you please text me your location so we could deliver? My number is 08098303030. Thanks


    1. Hello Koko, I have replied and sent you my phone number which is 08098303030 so the soaps can be delivered to you. Thanks


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