Urban decay Hi-fi Shine lip gloss review

I have been using Urban Decay Hi-fi shine lip gloss since May. It is presented in a transparent tube with silver lid and casing. The packaging is quite attractive and I like the fact that it is easy to grip and use.

I bought two shades of this lip gloss -SPL which is a intense shimmering rose pink shade and “Snapped” which is an intense shimmering purple shade. The lip gloss is presented as a creamy texture while the applicator brush is firm enough to apply this non-clumpy creamy shimmering lip gloss without making a mess.

Upon opening the lid and applying on the lips, a soft but exciting minty scent filters into your nostrils like some sort of welcoming rite 😀. I actually love this about it. The lip gloss presents a sweet, candy-like fragrance and taste, which I am not too hyped about. I think I would have been okay with the minty scent because I sincerely do not like “sweet” lip glosses.

Besides the taste, I love the filling it gives the lips because the volume builds up quite easily. This lip gloss presents no clumps at all as it spreads smoothly with ease.

And the shine? Absolutely gorgeous! I love the glossy, shimmering finish and the fact that the minty scent lingers on for a while to create a “balmy” feel which is quite reassuring because you feel your lips being protected 😀.

I love everything about the lip glosses. Besides the sweet scent which I am not too hyped about, I love everything else about this lip glosses so I am going to give it a 4 out of 5 – just ’cause of the fragrance.


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