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Product review: Labelle So Lush shadows

Labelle So Lush eyeshadow palette as the name signifies, is lush, luxurious and high pigment eye shadows for both day and night. This palette has 14 shades of both matte and shimmer eyes shadows. The texture is powdery, soft and extremely easy to apply. This is the first shimmer eyeshadow that I have used that didn’t fall on my face. The colors last the whole day and are so pretty, I took them for a spin.

I complemented the eyeshadow with Labelle Nude Liquid lipstick

I had so much fun wearing this eyeshadow that I took loads of pictures.

Labelle makeup products can be purchased online at


No more drama

Purple eyes, day time makeup, simple makeup, nude lips, simple makeup, easy makeup
While it may take an hour or more to create a makeup look, it can be quite daunting for the vast majority of women who want to look beautiful and fabulous within a few minutes. This is where I come in. I do not think that you need to spend hours sculpting your face simply because you want to create silhouettes that are naturally not there. If you have a beautiful skin, then you need not spend hours layering makeup on your face.

This look that I created is simple, minimalist and done in a few minutes. 

To start with, you do not need to draw your eye brows too strong. Just make sure they are neatly groomed. Secondly, you don’t need blush all the time, especially if you are a black woman! 😀 and lastly, you do not need contouring. 

Quick & easy tips:

1. Always use a concealer. It keeps your face fresh and bright.

2. Use a powder foundation because it’s quick and gives medium to full coverage. It’s easy to apply, not messy and gives you foundation and powder combined. 

3. Use bronzer on your cheek bones to give your face a healthy shine. 

4. Apply a shimmer eyeshadow with high pigment because it stands out easily and lasts the whole day. You need not contour your eyes. I used Labelle eyeshadow palette. I lined my eyes with a felt tip liner, which is easy to apply. 

5. Skip the blush and brush on defining lip color that expresses your personality. I used a combo of Mary Kay beach bronze lip gloss and Labelle nude lip cream.

And voila! You are good to go! 

Two ways to be Nude 

Nude makeup is in now, which is quite interesting given that we spent the last couple of years creating dramatic makeup looks from intense facial contouring to intensely dark and dramatic eyes and lips. This year, Nude is wearing a new look: either you are bare-face with bold lips that express your personality or mood, or your lips are bare with minimal makeup. Drama is so last season.

For my two Nude looks, I deliberately used my natural brows without excessive grooming and neither did I wear a blush. For the eye makeup, I wore absolutely nothing in the first while a simple purple eye shadow from my Labelle palette was just enough. I didn’t even contour my eyes. Minimalism is the new trend. 

Milani matte fearless, revlon plum lipstick
For this look, I blended two of my favorite shades of dark lipsticks- plum. I absolutely love all shades of plum because plum is quite agreeable when it comes to wearing dark lips and it works well with any skin tone. For the look above, I combined Milani matte fearless lipstick with Revlon Plum lipstick to create a matte-cum-moisturizing lipstick that is neither dry nor glossy.

Milani matte fearless lipstick, revlon plum lipstick
Labelle eyeshadow, Labelle nude lipstick, Mary kay beach bronze lip gloss
For this look, I used Labelle purple shadow from the eyeshadow palette, and for the lips, I used a combo of Labelle Nude lip cream and a dash of classic Mary Kay beach bronze lip gloss for added shine. 

Nude lip gloss, Mary kay beach bronze lip gloss, Labelle nude lip cream
Both looks were pretty easy to create without contouring or blush. And both are great for day time looks as well. 

Giddy for 2017 makeup trend

Am excited about 2017! 

Makeup industry watchers and trend setters are already giving us a head start on what to expect in 2017 and some of them are:

~ Pink is in! Oh yes! So calling all pink lovers – start collecting every shade of pink makeup imaginable.

~ Gloss is back! So say goodbye to matte lipsticks that dominated 2016 and say welcome back to gloss and high shine. 

~ Simple, natural and healthy makeup look is in so it’s time to tone down the contouring and excessive makeup.

– Color pairing is back so you can pair your lip color with your blush and eye makeup without looking too blended. 

~ Good news, liquid liners are still in.

There are many more new makeup trends for 2017 so please do share. Here is my take on them:

I kept this look simple, using pink as my signature color for the eyes and lips. If you normally can’t do without contouring, you can still achieve the same face slimming effect by focusing more on highlighting than the shading. Good highlighting makes for a perfect contour so get creative.

For this makeup, I used:

Cover girl concealer

Maybelline dream matte foundation

BellaPierre warming bronzer instead of loose powder

BellaPierre highlighter and illuminizer 

Sleek liquid felt tip liner and mascara

Flori Roberts blush

Cover girl lipstick

Dark eyes, nude lips

Hi guys, how you doing? Bet you staying beautiful, because I am doing all I can to stay beautiful! If you noticed, I don’t blog as often as I should because my schedules are tight; it is so hard to get the words out. So with little time, I always reach for quick and easy time busting ways to look beautiful [and apply makeup] while saving on time.

For one, I nourish my skin with good food and natural products that give me a great skin. So with a good skin, you don’t need too much makeup as you don’t need anything to conceal, which saves time.

Secondly, I can’t do without my concealer. I always buy one a shade lighter than my skin color to give the under of my eyes the freshness that they need.

Third, I speak with my lips. Since my eyes are bare most times, I go for lipsticks that speak like red, purple, satin, etc.

Four, to create the much needed drama, I go for dark eyes and bare lips.

Dark eyes are quick and easy because all you need are dark shadows but for this look, I had a little bit of extra time on my hand. To start with, I applied red shadows all over my eye lids and past the crease. Afterwards, I applied dark shadows to the lower crease, put on some artificial lashes, a stroke of blush and MAC satin lips and I was done. Real quick and easy. Dark eyes make perfect evening makeup look.

Tell me, what are your quick and easy tips for time busting makeup application?


So.. Pink-ified

Hi beauties,

So, it’s no news that am pink – shy; it occurred to me that I had no pink lipstick or lip gloss in my personal collection, which is contrary to my professional makeup box full of different shades of pink. So I went on a hunt to find the right shades of pink I could dare 😀- oh yes!

I didn’t wander too far off from my desire for a mature lipstick – I think pink is too childish. Believe it or not, dusty rose shades of pink were my favorites and I think that is because they look like faded pink disappearing into the background. My favorites are Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Fuzz

And this no name incognito brand I got on a trip

So, I said to myself, what the hec, let’s give Zaron Sweet Kiss a trial. Zaron is a Nigerian brand and I like to give it my love and support and I absolutely loved it!

I loved the Zaron Sweet Kiss lipstick so much, I created this bold look to go with it. I thought to myself: what is the oddest color you’ve ever combined with pink – even on a piece of clothing and green came to mind. 

For this makeup, I used green eyeshadow from my palette; I mixed black eyeshadow with hot red eyeshadow to create a shade resembling oxblood red for contouring my eyes. Jordana bold felt tip liquid eye liner completed the eye makeup.

So now, am no longer pink shy; just pink – safe, even though the Zaron Sweet Kiss isn’t particularly safe. Yet I love it all.

What you think?


Night Time Blues

Hi guys,

When it comes to creating a night look, my go-to color is midnight blue and I particularly love 17 Wild Midnight Blue cream shimmer eye shadow. So when a social event came up over the weekend, I naturally reached out for this product. I had two different events, to which I managed to create two different but similar look with the same product.

For either makeup, I used:
No. 7 Shine Free primer
Bronze Goddess moisturizer
Black Opal flawless perfecting concealer
Maybelline dream matte mousse ‘Cocoa’
Fair & White Pressed powder
Flori Roberts bronzer
Zaron blush
17 Va va voom mascara
Ben Nye finishing spray

First look:

I wanted a misty look for a late night out so for this look, I didn’t use any powder.

After cleansing & moisturizing, I used No. 7 Shine free primer after which I used Black Opal flawless perfecting concealer under my eyes. I used my finger to blend and followed with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation which I applied all over my face with foundation wedge. Once done, I lightly dusted Flori Roberts Bronzing Powder for a sheer, glowing finish.

For the eyes, 17 Wild Midnight Blue shimmer cream eye shadow came handy


This look is super easy to create. I applied the shimmer cream eyeshadow all over my eye lids with my finger tips. And then I dabbed my contour brush in similar midnight blue matte powder eyeshadow which I used for contouring. I finished off with silver shimmer eyeshadow for highlighting the brow bone


I followed this by applying liquid eye liner and 17 Va va voom mascara followed by blush and Mary Kay Cream & Sugar lip gloss for a natural sheer and softer finish. I finished this look with Ben Nye finishing spray for an all night long stay.

Second look:


For this look, I played with different shades of blue. I started off with silver blue shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye and used 17 Wild Midnight Blue shimmer cream eyeshadow to cover the rest of the eye lid. For contouring, I used black matte eyeshadow this time around and used shimmer sky blue eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone. To line the eyes, I used Fair & White black eye pencil which is soft but not too creamy or smudgy. 17 Va va voom mascara created the needed volume.
On the lips, I used Flori Roberts Jazz Orange lip stick.


Blues are great for night time when you don’t want to use black eyeshadow and makes a great alternative.


Love that red! Review of Zaron Brick Layers lip pencil

Hi guys,

I hope this post helps beauties who like me, enjoy smacking their lips endlessly, only to shorten the stay-power of even your gorgeous lip sticks; worst of all, lip glosses. I find myself smacking my lips like every minute, which can be quiet annoying – really but I can no longer help it.

Over time, I have strengthen my lip colors with the right lipstick base and used lip liners as base as well, which instantly gives my lipsticks the stay power that it needs.  Oh well, I can keep up with this every time because I am always in a hurry. So, who comes to my rescue other than Zaron Lip pencils.

I love all shades of red; and I particularly love this Zaron Brick Layers red lip pencil.

This pencil is particularly special to me because it is a mix between dry and cream such that when applied on the lips, it feels creamy but soon mattifies once dry. I have used all different shades as lip liners or as lipstick base but this Brick Layers – my all time favourite and I comfortably use it as my lipstick. If you live in Nigeria, go buy it. This shade of red – Brick Layers looks understated until worn. I like the fact that it appears to be subtle but remarkable with the brown undertone. And I also like the fact that this rather affordable lip pencil saves me a whole lot of money in comparison to how much I spend on luxury lipsticks. Quiet thrifty I guess!

When I got the idea to wear a subtle green and orange eye makeup, I reached for the Brick Layers lip pencil because they blended quiet well. I love green but I am more of a lover of teal really so I was pleased with the smart blend of teal with the right amount of earthy green that this particular green eye shadow I just discovered in my eye shadow palette has.

Zaron brick layers lip pencil review



I did not apply that much lip pencil but I am sure that if I did, I would get a much deeper finish. Hope you like it!


Silver Sky: Silver & Blue eye makeup inspiration

Hi guys,

When it comes to silver eye shadows, I usually use them as highlighters but today, I wanted to do more with my silver eye shadows, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I got the inspiration for this look.

Silver is a tricky colour – it can be tacky, it can be cheap and it can be messy if done wrong. since it is one of such colours that reflect against light, it can come a bit too strong. But for this look, I wanted the silver eye makeup to be soft, fresh and youthful as well.

For this makeup, I used the following tools:

17 Photo flawless primer

Mary Kay concealer

Maybelline dream matte foundation

Flori Roberts pressed powder

Zaron blush

Mary Kay Cream and sugar lip gloss

The silver and blue eye makeup gives a soft look
The silver and blue eye makeup gives a soft look

To get this look, you must go easy on the silver eye shadow. I applied the silver eye shadow on the lower eye lid just once. I chose a lightly shimmer sky blue eye shadow which I applied on the crease and a little above the crease to help define my eyes. This shade of blue brought out the softness in the silver and to achieve the fresh, youthful look, I applied a little silver shadow on the inner corner of the eye, while I softly lined my lower eye lid with the blue shadow. Because I wanted to keep this look simple and fresh, I only thinly applied my Maybelline Eye Drama gel eye liner on my eye lids.

Because simple was what I was going for, I did not use my contour kit this time around but applied my Zaron blush in likewise manner as I would my contour kit. I simply sink in my cheeks and apply blush along my cheek bones. The Mary Kay Cream and Sugar lip gloss was a perfect choice to finish off my look.

Am keeping it fresh
Am keeping it fresh

I found an even perfect shadow shade that is a mix of silver and blue in my eye shadow palette to use as highlighter for my brow bone.

This look is youthful, clean and fresh. I enjoyed wearing this makeup today.






Timeless Makeup for the woman in you

So guys, I turned thirty – three a couple of months ago; and as I grow older, I pay particular attention to my skin and health. I devote more time to nurturing my skin than I do makeup; and when I do wear makeup, I keep it simple, timeless and age-defying.

As a professional makeup artist in Nigeria, I struggle to explain to mature women that there is more to makeup than splashing multiple bold eye shadows on their eye lids and think that by blending these multiple shades of colours, they would feel youthful and fun. And I say, NO, it does not! While multiple eye makeup maybe appealing, I believe that as we grow older as women, we must apply makeup in manners that express how powerful we are as individuals.

Picture yourself – a successful career or business woman, invited to an evening with powerful and successful people in your industry; or perhaps, you are invited to a sophisticated wedding and while you put in so much attention into looking proper, sophisticated and mature, you however think that by blending bold colours on your eyes, you would feel young and chic. Well, guess what? You absolutely do not need it.

As a successful woman, your appearance should communicate how powerful you are and what better way to complement your fashion than with the right kind of makeup? So, here is my timeless makeup for the woman in you.

Tip no. 1: Less is more.

As you grow older, you must learn to go easy on your makeup because when it becomes too much, it gives the appearance that you are trying too hard to look younger. Besides, it can be tacky and cheap too. If you look at your facial features, you might notice the skin around your eyes going tender, giving signs of impending wrinkles; you might even have wrinkles around your eyes. So you must stay away from intensely shimmery eye makeup or unforgiving colours like gold or silver that simply amplify the wrinkles around your eyes. So, here is how I looked in my timeless, age-defying makeup:

Timeless makeup
Timeless makeup


So, to begin with, these are the products I used:

Fair & White Gold even tone moisturizer: As an African woman, maintaining an even tone complexion is very important.

No. 7 Beautifully matte primer

Mary Kay concealer

Maybelline Dream matte foundation in shade Cocoa

Flori Roberts pressed powder

Sleek contour kit medium

Sleek blush


When it comes to applying makeup, try as much as possible to keep your makeup as light and natural as possible, so do not over-apply makeup. This is the foundation for flawless makeup. keep it minimal.

Tip no. 2: Define your features

I don’t do mundane makeup because it does little for my features. The trick about age-defying makeup is that by highlighting and shading the relevant facial features, you not only accentuate your natural beauty but gets an even younger look as well. Take a look at my picture from this angle:

By contouring the cheek and eye crease, you create magic.
By contouring the cheek and eye crease, you create magic.

For the eye makeup, I used two shades of purple: The deeper one for the lower eye lid and the lighter one above the dark contour on the crease of the eye. By contouring with black shadow, it defines the eye by stretching it a little bit and creating the much needed modest drama. And what better way to complete the eye makeup than by applying subtle cat eyes, which further stretches the eye. Because the eyes are dramatic already, I chose to thinly line the lower eye lid and apply a stroke of purple eye shadow as well.

I also never wear rosy cheeks because I have a full face; which is where the Sleek contour kit comes handy. I use the medium shade and while the dark powder is for contouring, the light, soft shimmer powder is for highlighting the T-zone.

Sleek powder palette
Sleek powder palette

To contour your cheeks, simply sink in your cheeks and apply soft brush strokes of the dark powder right under your cheek bone. Angle it along your cheek bone for the perfect effect. Not only would you look much slimmer, you would look much younger as well.

Tip no. 3: Go for a youthful, vibrant lip colour

For this timeless makeup, classic meets modern, hence I blended a classic red lipstick with a fun and hippy orange lipstick for a youthful finish.

Grimas red and orange lipsticks were blended for a youthful look
Grimas red and orange lipsticks were blended for a youthful look

By blending these Grimas red and orange lipsticks, I got a vibrant, hippy lip colour that completes the youthful look.

am rocking this look!
am rocking this look!


I felt so young when I wore this makeup and what better way to complete my look than by wearing an all natural braid! I am so rocking this look!

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Cheers!