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Music inspiration: Flavour & Phyno Chop life

“It’s a beautiful day to remember we are not here forever… celebrate me now that I am living not when I die you go throw party, this life is for the living …. chop life, celebrate life… “

I work so hard and seldom have the time to rest or even celebrate myself. I am also constantly second-guessing myself even though am right on track. This song resonates with me fir these reasons.

If you think you are not good enough, then it’s time to stop and celebrate yourself. Celebrate your mistakes because you learnt from them and celebrate your achievements because they take you closer to your dreams.

Cheers 🥂


Nostalgic music

While I got to the end of my listening to The Manhattans “Kiss and say goodbye”, JD Souther’s “You’re only lonely” cued into my brain because this song followed immediately after “Kiss and say goodbye” on my parents playlist. I was only eight years old when I first encountered both songs and they stuck on me, perhaps because of the beat but I remembered being told that I was quite mature for a child so that must have explained it.

JD Souther “You’re only lonely”

This album was released in 1979 but I would listen to it for the first time in 1988. I was blown away! I fell in love with “If you don’t want my love” though I knew not what the song was about but gosh, I loved to sing “bye bye!”. I loved the cool, laid-back, melancholic “White rhythm and blues”. Still had no clue what he was talking about! 😀

And today, my love for nostalgic music sent me into looking for Danny Wilson’s “Mary’s prayer” and who did I stumble into but Narada Michael Walden’s “Divine Emotion”. Please who listened to this song while growing because I loved it so much!

Narada Divine Emotions

Am stuck in the past while reminiscent about my very happy childhood. I just want to stay there. Is there any song that brings happy memories of your childhood? Pls do share!