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November blog magazine: Love me naturally!


November blog magazine



Hi guys,


how are you doing? Looking and feeling beautiful, I bet! Am happy to be back to blogging as I have been experiencing writer’s block; hence my late submission. I have been very busy conducting training sessions that it sapped my brain out. Well, I am taking it easy this month and treating concerns of natural beauty and natural makeup. While I adore makeup, I believe in natural looking makeup that is flawless and light weight. Over the course of my career, I have met countless women, who loved the simple ness of the natural look so much that they have had to avoid wearing makeup completely. Well, I can say to you that you can still wear makeup while looking natural.


in this month’s issue as well, I am writing some home truths about how our style affects our relationship, especially with the significant other and why some of us might be afraid of the truth, hence; the topic ‘When plain Jane loses her man to the material girl’ It makes fun reading.


so, please, do follow me this month on this posts and tell me exactly how you feel about them.


Posts worth reading:

Bare face makeup

No – fuss makeup tip

Makeup guide on natural beauty

When plain Jane loses her man to material girl




October E-zine: Independence issue


Hi guys,

Happy new month. Welcome to this month’s magazine, the Independence issue, which is a theme around my country’s celebration of independence on October 1st. You will enjoy posts on African and Nigerian inspiration, as well as dramatic makeup posts on the cut crease technique.

Please if you like any of the posts, leave a message, we are happy to hear from you.

Take care and cheers!


Happy birthday Nigeria

Africa Inspiration: fashion our way

Feeling blue: Makeup inspiration

Ultra dramatic: the cut crease makeup

Ultra dramatic: the cut crease makeup

Unlike my daily life, I love drama in makeup. So you can understand how pleased I was to create this dramatic cut crease green themed makeup in commemoration of my country’s independence. I loved it, hope you like it too.


Here is my model before makeup:



For this makeup, I used:
Flori Roberts foundation and powder
Sleek contour kit
Sleek blush
KIKO lipstick

Oh yes, and the green lashes!

There are other interesting ones I have:



These are absolutely reusable. Isn’t it that nice?

Oh well, please do share with me your makeup ideas.


Africa inspiration: fashion & beauty our way

I am still giddy about my country’s independence, which we celebrated on October 1st. But that does not mean that I am averse to the harsh realities that exist in my country. Over the last decades, when you google Nigeria, the three prominent things that will pop up are corruption, poverty and AIDS. Within the last few years, terrorism has been added to this list.

But this truly is the picture of Nigeria; however skewed it could be portrayed sometimes. Here are some more realities: our government is much more corrupt than it ever was, we still do not have stable power, our roads are very poor and basically, development is at a snail speed if you are like the millions of Nigeria who do not judge our pace of development with the GDP!

I won’t bore you, don’t worry; I am painting this picture to make you understand why I am very proud of writing inspirational posts about Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I do not complain; I must keep dreaming, keep hoping and keep creating. Which is why I am giving kudos to the many talented and gifted Nigerians that are going against the odds and creating fashion and beauty products that I am very proud of.

So this month, I picked a few of my favourite things all made in Africa that inspires me each day to keep creating.


To start with, I love this dress so much! And this is because Nigeria’s fashion industry is blossoming by the day! In the past, we Nigerians frequented roadside tailors who sewed customized designs for us – nothing fancy, nothing that unique, nothing fashion forward; but safe, traditional designs.

Then came the boom!

After years of hard work, spent creating uniquely designed clothes to international standard, Nigerian fashion designers finally got on the international stage.

Super model Oluchi in Nigeria’s Tiffany Amber design in 2012. Image courtesy

The fashion industry has and is constantly evolving; and with new up and coming designers mixing up the scene, we are moving away from customized tailoring to indigenous pret-a-porter clothes now easily bought in boutiques across the country. I am so loving this!

I like the fact that designers are perfectly mixing indigenous African fabrics with western fabrics and creating a fusion that moves from smart casual to corporate to intensely traditional.
And the jewelry….. Ghanaian jewelry craft in its finest! I love the jewelry because it is delicate, colourful, simple but yet, not understated. Every time that I have had to wear this, I have got a whoa!

Here is another I love:


I am also seriously loving the lucrative world of bead and jewelry designers. Naturally, I have always loved bead jewelries so I have been collecting indigenous designs. This one is my new favourite because it is simple, which is so true to me and the same time, expressive. I like things this way.

And yes, I still love good old wooden carved hand-crafted jewelry because they are natural, very earthy, artistic and oh so cheap!


I got this one more than a year ago and it has remained as pure as it was since the first day I bought it.

I am still collecting and I will keep blogging about them because these are some of the inspirational pieces coming out of Africa that makes me proud of my continent.


Happy birthday Nigeria!

Nigeria turned 53 yesterday October 1, 2013. In the spirit of the celebration, I decided to theme this month’s edition of online magazine around my country’s Indepence.


For this edition, I drew inspiration from my national colour, which is green to create this intense, high drama makeup for this cover. Green represents so much to we Nigerians, and while it may represent our rich vegetation, it also means recreation, birth, blessing and forever youth to us. I am very proud of this look because it’s dramatic flair represents how complex and highly bold we Nigerians are as a people. We are very loud, daring and expressive people, so you can understand what went through my mind when I conceived this look.


To the many Nigerians still celebrating, I say Happy birthday to you!

Whilst the struggle continues, we continue to thrive and conquer;

And whilst the hurdles seem insurmountable, we will continue to triumph.

Here is to you Nigerians!

Bronze Goddess E-Zine: September 2013 Issue


Hi guys,

I am pleased to showcase this Month’s edition of Bronze Goddess makeup blog magazine tagged, “Here comes the bride.” The wedding season is on and I began mine on an exciting note. So this month’s edition focuses on pre-wedding preparations and bridal makeup. I am pleased to showcase clips of yet another vibrant Nigerian traditional wedding. And as part of wedding preparation, I blogged about natural D-I-Y pre-wedding facial for brides to try at home without spending so much money. And since brides go on a quest for brightening their complexion before the actual wedding, I have submitted a post on a radiant body polish that purifies, exfoliates as well as brighten the skin for the lighter, glamorous skin that brides seek.

This month, the posts include:

D-I-Y flawless, glam bridal makeup

Pre – wedding skin prep

Another vibrant Nigerian traditional wedding

A radiant body polish

Happy reading!

A radiant body polish


Hi guys,

I am still blogging about pre wedding skin prep and for this post, I am blogging about the importance of body polish. Body polishing exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells clogging your pores. It is customary for brides in Nigeria to use skin lightening body lotions but even they do not work most times because the skin pores are clogged. The African sun alone causes enough damage to our skin so what is actually hiding under our dull skin is a brighter, clearer skin but you can only get there when you remove the dirt clogging your skin.

I proffer a purifying, brightening, exfoliating body polish that will treat your skin as well as heal your skin.

Here is all you need for D-I-Y spa quality body polishing done at home:

Sugar (brown or white)
Body oil ( almond, olive, coconut, sesame … E.t.c.) or baby oil. I use Neutrogena light sesame oil because it is soft, velvety and does not clog the pores. Some dense oil can actually clog your skin.
Dried lemon or dried papaya. Either will purify and brighten your complexion for a radiant skin.


You will need about 100 grams granulated sugar and 50 grams dried lemon pounded into rough powder; and 2 Neutrogena caps of light sesame oil. This measurement varies from body size so be free to tweak it.

Once you’ve collated your ingredients, get a friend of yours or your partner to help with the body polishing. If you’ve got no one, sit on a chair instead, scoop some of the mixture onto your palm and massage unto your body, beginning with your neck, to your chest and work your way down. Get a long, slim towel to scrub your back with. Take your time so that every part of your body is taken care of. If you have someone to help, get a mat, put it on the floor and let the person kneel at your side. Body polishing, when assisted takes longer than thirty minutes. So relax and enjoy. Once done, take a warm bath to wash off. Because the oil in the mixture lubricates the skin sufficiently, you might not need moisturizing. If not, moisturize. Do this monthly and you will see how brighter and radiant your skin is.


Pre-wedding skin prep


When preparing for your wedding, your skin makes an important part of the preparation because you want a radiant, glowing skin. This helps accentuate your dress, makeup and entire look on the day of your wedding. For brides who have enough allowance on the budget for monthly spa treatment, having a radiant skin will come easy for them. But you do not need spend too much money as you can create your own spa at home.

Skin prep is very important because this help rid the skin of dead cells that are clogging your pores. Our skin is also subjected to harm from the environment, stress and lack of sleep, so naturally, it shuts down. Soon, you will notice rash or pimple popping out. My solution is a cost effective, all natural regimen that will give you a radiant skin in preparation for your wedding.

Essential tools for your spa at home (D-I-Y bridal facial)

You will need:
Skimmed milk
Corn flour
Garlic powder
Cotton wool
Some water

Step 1.


Take 1table spoon of skimmed milk, dilute with 5 table spoon of water, mix into creamy paste. Use cotton wool to remove makeup and dirt.

Step 2.


Take 2 table spoon of granulated sugar ( brown or white), mix with 1 table spoon of turmeric. Dampen face and neck and scrub gently. Scrub using circular motion. Rinse off with water.

Step 3.


Pour boiling water into a bowl and cover your face over steam with towel for fifteen minutes.

Step 4.


Take 2 table spoon of corn flour, mix with 1 table spoon of skimmed milk and 1 teaspoon of garlic powder. Mix with water into a creamy paste. Apply all over face avoiding under eye. Leave for fifteen minutes. Rinse off with water.

Step 5.


Brew one bag of decaffeinated green tea and allow to steep. Once cool, use cotton wool and apply all over your face. Allow to dry. Do not rinse off.

Step 6.


You can now use your moisturizer. Make sure it suits your skin type.

This regiment is packed full of anti oxidants that will purify your skin, exfoliate, treat and get rid of free radicals.

Give this a trial today!

Another vibrant Nigerian traditional wedding


Hi guys,

Still on this Month’s edition of online magazine, still on weddings.

In past blog posts, I had described Nigerian traditional weddings as vibrant, colourful and loud. Those words are still true! Our culture exudes colours and pageantry, so naturally, when you are contracted as a professional makeup artist, you know your job is cut out. Not only is it your job to makeup the bride, you have to dress the bride in the traditional Nigerian attire that is common with the culture the bride belongs as well as tie ‘gele’ (head tie) for the bride. Take it from me, bridal geles are hardly modest.

The bride before makeup:


And after:




Because the nature of our culture allows our brides’ makeup to be loud, we try as much as possible to make her the centre of the celebration and go easy on the bridemaid’s makeup.

Check out the bridesmaid:



And after…



During Nigerian traditional weddings, we have colour themes and for this wedding, the couple chose pink for traditional and orange for the church wedding. We compensate for the barely- there natural makeup of church weddings with vibrant and loud makeup that elaborate traditional weddings provide.


D-I-Y flawless, glam bridal makeup


Hi guys,

I am blogging for the first time this month. Happy new month of September! How you doing? Fabulous, I suppose. So, here is my September issue of online magazine and I am blogging about weddings! Yes, weddings. The wedding season is here again and in Nigeria, the “ember” months are exciting for us as this is the ultimate bridal season. Nigerians love end-of-the-year weddings, with Christmas taking the cake. I took part in a colourful, exciting wedding one weekend ago so I am happy to upload some of the pictures.

It is common for brides to contract their makeup to professional makeup artists, but there are many brides on a budget, who make themselves up for their weddings – Kate Middleton makes a practical example and she looked fabulous on the day of her wedding [not that she was on a budget anyway!]


So, here is D-I-Y flawless, glam bridal makeup

When applying bridal makeup, your main goal is to achieve a flawless, natural looking makeup that makes you look fresher, younger and angelic. Yes, angelic because you want your groom’s heart to skip a bit when he sees you at the altar. If you want that “whoa” effect, less is more. Learn from Kate Middleton darlings!

Here is how my bride looked on her day:


For this bridal look, my goal was to create a look that was innocent, fresh, a little bit misty for that freshness and above all, all natural flawless finish. This is not hard to create; in fact, the bride took less time to makeup than her bridesmaids, no kidding.

Here are some easy steps to achieving this look:

1. Cleanse your face and neck. Once dry, apply moisturizer. If you have oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer.

2. Apply foundation base. This primer will not only help foundation to glide on your skin but will help reduce shine.

3. On your palm or container, pour three pinches of bronzer. do not use high density bronzers as they are not easy to blend on the skin. Use very light, powdery bronzers that shimmer softly. Squeeze some amount of foundation unto the bronzer and mix. If you like, you could mix liquid bronzer with foundation. If foundation is cream-2-powder, apply some moisturizer so the mixture is light, creamy and soft. Apply mixture on your face. Apply lightly under your chin. Allow to dry. If you have normal to dry skin, you do not need powder. But if you have oily skin, sweep powder lightly over the foundation.

Use soft bronzing powder to highlight the top of your cheek bone on either sides, your forehead and chin. Use same bronzing powder to highlight the arch of your eye brow.

4. For your eyes, bronze is a perfect shade for bridal makeup. You could mix bronze with gold to create a soft, shimmery shade. You do not need too much shine on your wedding day so if shimmer eyeshadow is all you’ve got, mix the eye shadow with a little moisturizer so it becomes creamy and less intense. Apply eye liner. If you are light in complexion, you can comfortably wear brown eye liner.

5. Smile and blush!

6. Keep your lips as soft as possible. Play with soft tones.

When you are done, get a handkerchief, sprinkle some talcum powder, shake it off and fold handkerchief into a square. Once you see shine appearing on your face, dab on the handkerchief by pressing it unto your skin. Do not wipe. But dab.

Good luck!