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How to make sanitizing wipes

In the light of scarcity of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes, I made this short video on YouTube to show how I make sanitizing wipes with minimal ingredients. please click the link below.

Hopefully, this could help someone as we protect ourselves against the Coronavirus outbreak.




How to make natural hand sanitizer

Hey lovelies!

The easiest way to combat viruses and to stop the spread of diseases is through a routine hygiene that includes washing your hands with soap and keeping one’s environment clean. With the corona virus scare in Lagos, Nigeria, we are having to add that to the threat that LASSA fever poses as well.

While it is easy to panic, we must embrace a hygiene routine that can keep us and others safe. So while it is recommended that we wash our hands with soap as often as possible, we must have hand sanitizers with us at all times to sanitize our hands, which is our primary contact with surfaces and germs.

You can easily get hand sanitizers in stores and pharmacies but just in case you can’t find any or would like to make yours, then follow this simple guide in this video and make yours.

For comments and questions, please leave a comment.

Take care of yourself and yours.



How to make cream, lotion and leave-in conditioner with Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 just like emulsifying wax is an emulsifier that brings water and oil together. It can be used to make body creams, lotions, leave-in conditioners, hair mayonnaise and hair balms amongst other things.

One of the challenges of using polysorbate 80 is that if used inappropriately, it can cause the finished product to separate this is why in some products, you will find that the water would have separated from the rest of the lotion.

In this tutorial video, I will show you how to work with polysorbate 80 to make your desired natural skincare or hair care product. Pls enjoy!

How to achieve a brighter complexion naturally

Hi guys,

This YouTube video teaches you how to make natural body scrubs and natural cleansers that get rid of dull, dark complexion, acne and uneven skin tone to give your skin a beautiful natural radiance. Please if you have any questions, do leave a comment.



How to tie stylish small gele

Hi guys,

Small geles are not for everyone as not all women love big and flamboyant geles. This YouTube tutorial teaches you how to tie a long and lengthy Gele and turn it into a small and cute stylish one. If you have questions, please leave a comment.