“Be true to that which exists nowhere but in yourself – and thus make yourself indispensable.” Andre Gide.


Sometimes when I look around myself and see people trying to be like somebody else but themselves, I wonder if we humans take the time out to see the individual that is inside of us, that unique person that makes us who we really are.

        Many – a – times, people tend to join a bandwagon, copying a particular trend or style. I believe this is so, because the society, made up of you and I, have set a standard that gives little room for uniqueness, individual style and distinction. Or maybe, this happens because some manufacturers or producers, who wish to sell their products, simply indulge in good marketing that says using their products or indulging in the trend they have created makes one stylish, acceptable and “cool”. You look around yourself and you find that living or style of living has been homogenized. This is so, because man as a social being seeks acceptance. And in so doing, the individual is crushed to be replaced by a factory – made exterior entirely.


        Man has two complexes, which are inferiority and superiority complexes. These two are very much related because behind “that” person with superiority complex lays an inferiority complex caused by fear or threat of envy, jealousy and competition. Once you harbour the thought that someone’s personality is a threat to yours, you develop a superiority complex that makes you arrogant, proud and pompous. Soon enough, sycophants would surround you, because you have created a style or class for yourself. It becomes sadder when one’s disciples become a replica and in turn, “oppress” others. So, it becomes a vicious circle, as the oppressed become an oppressor. The truth of the matter is that, people who aren’t sure of themselves tend to be proud and pompous and that is because they are scared of being caught unguarded. It is like a big effort to protect one’s self from others, while at the same time, proliferating one’s so called superiority over others. Naturally, people who are wealthy tend to be pompous and naturally too, people who are less privileged get intimidated by wealthy people. It is quiet surprising when one meets a wealthy person and all you can do is feel sympathetic because some of them are hardly themselves. It is all an effort to be “posh,” be in the “in” crowd and be accepted. When the desire for acceptance becomes very great, the sacrifice is loss of self. When I look through tabloid and society magazines, sometimes, all I do is laugh. I honestly do admire the men because no matter the wealth, men always do manage to look elegant in their simplicity. Certainly, there are some exceptions, but it is the women that amaze me more, because all in the bid to look beautiful, glamorous and be called a “diva” they end up starving themselves thin, douse their bodies with body oils that leave a false polished skin. Have you ever seen a woman look so beautiful in her natural self and admitted that she stood out in the crowd of factory made beauties? I have never met Nike Oshinowo, Nigeria’s one time beauty queen but I believe she is one of the world’s most beautiful people because she does not need too much to be beautiful. 

The bottom line is, while craving for acceptance, one loses touch with one’s natural self and what one sees is someone who is entirely different from the natural beauty that the creative God had perfectly made.

         By creation, God has put uniqueness in us that others do not have. Hence, we can be like someone but never that someone. The problem is that we spend so little or no time at all in discovering whom we really are. Each of us is unique and special. The individual is that person within us that really is us. The exterior is perishable but never the interior because the interior is the soul of man. I once knew a girl who told me she hated herself because she didn’t see anything special about herself. I had told her she was wrong but she preferred to count other people’s “pluses” against her “loses.”

I believe strongly that for as long as I have the same members of the body as others; and have equal opportunity given to every one of us by God, I don’t think I should ever think less of myself. Probably the only advantage others may have over me is financial but that can’t determine one’s destiny


         The individual is our true beauty and is all that matters so I say this: You are who you are; nobody can change that. Clothes beautify but can’t add or remove the uniqueness that God has created in you. You are special, so celebrate you today!  



Some truths about weight loss

If you are one of those people who tried practically everything just to lose some weight, then you are just like me. Over the years, I have drunk herbal teas, swallowed diet pills and tried different diet regimes. I have discovered my obsession with self – the constant glance at the mirror just to remind me of my imperfection and that frustration and angst when I pull at my skin. I, like many women, is a victim of pregnancy fat most obvious from my bulging tummy, which has managed to attract the wrong attention and caused me to receive the wrong questions – the kind that further sinks you into your frustration at self at your inability to have shed the weight. It worries me more because I was much slimmer prior to my pregnancy nearly three years ago; I was a size ten, and now a size fourteen. You can imagine that I have to shed as much as ten to fifteen kilos to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight as I’ve got a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes waiting to be worn and adored!

            There have been benefits though – I’ve got fuller breasts and bigger hips and buttocks which drive my husband crazy!!! Funny but it is true. I should be grateful that as a Nigerian woman married to a Nigerian man, being size fourteen should not be a problem at all, being that the majority of Nigerian men prefers voluptuous or curvy women. The average Nigerian man wants to see flesh, big breasts, wide hips and big, bouncy buttocks. It is fetish down here but we like it that way. I can’t begin to see reasons why Hollywood stars and celebrities have to be so skinny that they look like they need food! These days, E! Television leaves a sour taste on my tongue, so also is their sister network Style Network. I succeeded in ridding the negative and guilty feeling I got from watching Hollywood stars or reading glamour and style magazines. But I was not pleased with how I looked. After exploring diverse weight loss programmes, I finally succumbed to the truth – fad diets only lead to yoyo dieting. One season you are slimmer, next, you’ve gained the weight back. This was when I began to see things differently. I had to learn to tame my desire to lose weight and rather channelled my energy and passion into living healthy. So I started by introducing vegetables and fruits to my every diet, including toast. I indoctrinated my family as well so we were eating greens every single day. Nigeria is one country blessed with over one hundred tribes and cultures so I was opportune to learn various healthy soups and foods from every region of the country. I began cooking freshly sourced foods, eating much more fibres and thinking positive about my body and myself. I worked hard to love my body as it is, learning that I must love myself if I expect to be loved. I also learnt some great tricks about wearing the right kinds of clothes, which gave me added confident. By learning this new way of life and learning to take care of myself, my body and health, it became easier for me to embrace the weight loss regime.

If there is one thing that I have learnt, it is that exercising still remains the sure way to lose weight. So rather than depending on those diet pills or herbs that you love, complement that with adequate exercising. Start by setting realistic goals; work towards shedding some few pounds at a time; live right, eat right, think positive; feed your heart, soul and mind. Set yourself free from the obsession with self, love yourself like crazy and work towards living a good life. Have fun! Do something new each day! Embrace new ways of living! Before long, you will see that weight coming off.

Be good to yourself.

Look young and beautiful

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Make makeup last

A beautiful woman

Heat is probably one of the commonest features of African countries. The majority of nations in this continent experience summer heat all year round, thus the vast population is exposed to harsh sun rays every single day. Exposing one’s skin to such heat can be damaging and besides the damage it can cause to the skin, it makes it even harder to sustain makeup or make it last longer than mid afternoon when the sun heats the most. Here are a few tips you can consider:

Clean skin of oil and dirt: Oil and dirt clog the pores of the skin and the reason why it is essential to have the face cleansed of all dirt and oil to give you a fresh start before you begin applying makeup. Makeup should be applied on fresh skin so if your goal is to make your makeup last longer, then you have to dedicate more time to cleansing the skin. You can buy daily cleansers from any store. I especially like Skin Success Shine Control daily scrub because it contains bursting beads which exfoliates to create an all-day shine-free. The beauty of it is that it is oil-free. You can also try Olay’s Regenerist cleanser which is a daily cream wash.

Use SPF 15 moisturizer: Always use facial moisturizers that contain SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh ray.

Always use primer before applying foundation as it helps to sustain makeup.

Quality is key if you want your makeup to last long so use high quality makeup products. If you use translucent loose powder or pressed powder, be sure that your makeup will stay longer. Try Flori Robert’s oil-blotting pressed powder. Black Opal’s total coverage pack comes with an invisible oil-blotting powder that can be applied on the face after applying foundation and just before applying the loose powder. It helps to reduce oil.

If you use either sponge or brush, make sure they are of high quality and try not to smudge makeup on the face to avoid caking. Basically, don’t over-do anything as the African sun will embarrass you.

And to make lipstick last longer, add powder to tissue and press your lips over the tissue and apply lip gloss or lip stick over it.

End the day by cleansing your face and skin before climbing into bed.

Getting to know the cucumber

A cucumber is a fruit that is green in colour and grown much like pumpkins or water melons. While cucumbers can be eaten fresh, you can eat them as pickles, after they must have passed through a process of brining. People do this by soaking the cucumbers in salt and water solution or vinegar. Did you know that cucumbers are actually fruits which are classified as vegetables in culinary terms? I bet many of us have always thought of cucumbers as vegetables and not fruits. But they are fruits.

Are you one of those who consider cucumbers as bitter and let it inhibit you from eating them? Well, one cannot accurately define the cucumber’s taste as bitter but in my opinion, while some bitterness maybe felt as a result of phenylthiocarbamide organic compound found in cucumbers, they have near-bland watery state.

The cucumber, your health and beauty

The cucumber is 90 percent water so it is very good for your health. Its contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, silica, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, among others. Do you know that you can use cucumbers to relief skin irritation? The silica found in cucumbers is very vital for the health of connective tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, the muscle or the bone. I know a number of supplements can be found in health shops and pharmacies that help with keeping the connective tissues healthy but imagine what you could do for yourself if you took a cucumber a day.

You do know that water is good for glowing skin and glowing complexion right? I know we African women are obsessed with toning lotions or even bleaching creams. Imagine if you spent less on these creams and concentrated more on taking cucumbers instead? Remember, cucumbers are 90 percent water so they not only are good for hydration, but they aid to improve our skin condition. We all can agree that a beautiful skin can only be a result of a healthy lifestyle so if we really want to look and feel beautiful, then increasing our intake of water and water-saturated fruits/vegetables like cucumbers is a good step in the right direction.

Masking with cucumber

Both ascorbic acid and caffeic acid are the compounds found in cucumber that heal the skin, especially in skin irritations. Now you can understand why cucumbers are recommended to reduce puffiness around the eye or any swelling around the eye. So besides placing two slices of cucumbers on both eyes, I also blend cucumbers into a paste and apply it on my face as a mask. It not only helps to “wake” the face but helps to make the skin feel subtle and sweet. While you can eat the cucumber fresh and raw, you can also combine it with other fruits/vegetables in a smoothie form. You can also make good vegetable salad with them. Whichever way you like it, just make sure you take a cucumber a day.

If you have any healthy and beauty tip on cucumbers, please do share with us.

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Nigeria's 'Benin' traditional wedding

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The African woman can be found in the entertainment industry, engineering and ICT, fashion industry, entrepreneurship, among many other professions that she has continuously to thrive in. And she, like her beautiful counterparts the world over, seeks for ways of expressing her beauty. Here on this blog, we will share thoughts, ideas, suggestions and solutions to enhancing the African woman’s beauty. And if you consider yourself a true beautiful African woman, then join this blog and share your comments with the millions of women all over the continent who are proud of who they are.  

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