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ENE Naturals Lightening Black Soap

ENE Naturals lightening black soap is enriched with kojic acid to naturally lighten the skin and clear blemishes and spots for an even tone.

Ingredients are: black soap, kojic acid, turmeric, lemon oil, coconut oil, glycerin, collagen, vitamin E, lanolin, citric acid and lavender oil.
Cup Size: 200ml

You can order for this product online from anywhere in Nigeria. Delivery is available across Nigeria.



Garlic: best cure for stubborn ringworm

My daughter had struggled with ringworm years back. This contagious skin infection came on her when she came in contact with a loved one. It started quiet insignificant but the harder she scratched it, the more the infection spread. We began her treatment by using topical creams prescribed by the pediatrician. After three months of using various creams and she taking antibiotics prescribed by the pediatrician and the ringworm had not gone, I was at my wits end. The ringworm was spreading fast.


I had gone online in search of cure until I came across garlic. But I took a step further by including turmeric in the treatment.


* turmeric: though great in cooking dishes, makes even greater astringent and cleanser.

Here is what I did:

I used:

– an antiseptic and medicated soap bar precisely Dettol soap to bath her. You can use Black Soap as well as it contains camwood which also treats ringworm. – After each bath, I would dip cotton wool in water, squeeze out excess water, dap in turmeric and clean the surface of the ringworm affected area and beyond. Turmeric served as the disinfectant astringent and removed all top layer dirt, dried and peeled skin. – Lastly, I applied a generous amount of garlic juice in the ringworm, followed by the garlic paste itself. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and provides diverse natural healing.


Get fresh garlic, wash it, remove all outer covering and blend or pound into paste. For much higher potency, mix with garlic powder and pour into a small canister. Pour some warm water into garlic and cover air-tight for 30minutes. This helps the garlic juice to infuse better and stronger. Keep garlic in canister with lid for a week in a refrigerator before preparing fresh one.

This is how I applied the garlic:


Garlic creates a protective film over skin and goes deep down to squeeze out every substance in the ringworm that causes spread. Because ringworm depends on moisture to spread, garlic impedes the spread by squeezing out every drop of moisture in ringworm. So please, expect drying of the skin and peeling. Once you clean with turmeric, it helps to clean out such peels to reveal a cleaner skin.


*One week after garlic treatment, my daughter’s skin was drying.

To further boost healing, you can have your child drink the garlic. My daughter was 5years old and so could handle drinking garlic. I would take half teaspoon of garlic powder, mix with her juice and give her to drink. Not all kids – or even adults- can handle it so do not force your kids.


My daughter’s arm 3 weeks later.

The ringworm was completely dried out so the brown patches left behind gradually faded out. You can use shea butter to moisturize and even out the skin tone.

How I make my Black Soap with love ❤


My company, Bronze Goddess NG has an all natural skincare line made solely by me and with a lot of love❤️. If you follow my blog, you will find that care and research is paid into caring for the skin the natural way.

It is this love for a truly naturally beautiful skin that led me into producing customized natural skin care products for all skin types. I recently added Black Soap to my collection.

Black Soap is an African heritage, predominantly West African. It is made from unripe, green plantain skin and the process of converting fresh, green plantain skins into soap is a daunting task. But not only do we produce these soaps, I take it a step further. Naturally, all Black soaps contain Cam Wood, which scientifically is known as Baphia nitida. If you are Nigerian ‘Osun’ might ring a bell because that is what it is called in Yoruba language. Cam wood is a skin dye that treats skin diseases, ring worms, among others; and gives Black Soap its characteristic black color. Here is the process:

This is Black Soap without Cam wood. To make it richer and even more potent, we add Cam wood and sulphur.


After mixing Cam wood and sulphur with the soap, we mix and knead as though one is kneading dough. It’s not pretty but allowing the soap to sit for a couple of hours makes the texture softer and the color darker. This is where most soap makers stop.

But this is where we bring in the love😊. Black Soap naturally, dries the skin so over time, I found that people with sensitive skin or dry skin were avoiding it completely. People complained it gave them white heads – not my product thankfully! So, in order to create a power product suitable for all skin types, I brought out my bag of goodies – essential oils.

Yes, essential oils came to the rescue. Here is the ingredient list in my Black Soap:
Grape seed oil,
Avocado oil,
Orange oil extract
Rosemary oil
Lavender oil
Vitamin E
And a pinch of turmeric.


Both Grape seed oil and avocado oil are rich in antioxidants, make excellent moisturizers, contain Vitamin E and C, and help to accelerate skin renewal by promoting collagen production. Grape seed oil treats acne while both avocado oil and grape seed oil contain anti aging properties. So when you combine these with the skin brightening properties of orange oil and turmeric; and with the healing properties in the remaining ingredients, you create a perfect balance of a brightening and moisturizing soap that does not over dry the skin. Because avocado oil gives supple skin, you can expect a healthy skin as well.

This soap brightens, treats acne with a good fragrance, all thanks to Rosemary oil and lavender oil.

As part of the Black soap making process, we use silicone cake moulds in creating the shapes that we desire.




The soap is completely hand made, no preservatives, and made with love.

This soap comes in liquid form as well for people who love foaming bath washes.

We are giving away free samples to Lagos residents only. So, if you are interested, let me know. While you can walk into our natural spa for product samples, we can ship samples to you but you would have to bear the cost of shipment.

Keep me posted! Cheers!