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Nigerian Bridal makeup: the elegant bride

Hi guys!

How you doing? Charming beautiful, I bet! 😘

I had a bridal job for a destination wedding a while back; it was a fun and exciting weekend away.

My bride is an elegant but simple girl who has a flawless natural beauty and one who wanted minimal makeup. What I have learnt over the years is to respect my clients’ wishes and never to impose myself or my ideas on them. I believe that your client must be comfortable with the makeup, just as in fashion, so that they don’t feel pressured to be somebody they aren’t. I have worked with unreluctant or confused clients before but I have always gently nudged them in the right direction without over powering their personalities. I believe that gentle nudging is the most effective way to push a client to go a little out of their comfort zone without diminishing their personalities or self confidence. 

Here is how my bride turned out for the traditional Nigerian wedding:

The makeup was simple but elegant just as she is.

I hope that makeup artists would learn to listen to their clients rather than listen only to their own voice.




D-I-Y flawless, glam bridal makeup


Hi guys,

I am blogging for the first time this month. Happy new month of September! How you doing? Fabulous, I suppose. So, here is my September issue of online magazine and I am blogging about weddings! Yes, weddings. The wedding season is here again and in Nigeria, the “ember” months are exciting for us as this is the ultimate bridal season. Nigerians love end-of-the-year weddings, with Christmas taking the cake. I took part in a colourful, exciting wedding one weekend ago so I am happy to upload some of the pictures.

It is common for brides to contract their makeup to professional makeup artists, but there are many brides on a budget, who make themselves up for their weddings – Kate Middleton makes a practical example and she looked fabulous on the day of her wedding [not that she was on a budget anyway!]


So, here is D-I-Y flawless, glam bridal makeup

When applying bridal makeup, your main goal is to achieve a flawless, natural looking makeup that makes you look fresher, younger and angelic. Yes, angelic because you want your groom’s heart to skip a bit when he sees you at the altar. If you want that “whoa” effect, less is more. Learn from Kate Middleton darlings!

Here is how my bride looked on her day:


For this bridal look, my goal was to create a look that was innocent, fresh, a little bit misty for that freshness and above all, all natural flawless finish. This is not hard to create; in fact, the bride took less time to makeup than her bridesmaids, no kidding.

Here are some easy steps to achieving this look:

1. Cleanse your face and neck. Once dry, apply moisturizer. If you have oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer.

2. Apply foundation base. This primer will not only help foundation to glide on your skin but will help reduce shine.

3. On your palm or container, pour three pinches of bronzer. do not use high density bronzers as they are not easy to blend on the skin. Use very light, powdery bronzers that shimmer softly. Squeeze some amount of foundation unto the bronzer and mix. If you like, you could mix liquid bronzer with foundation. If foundation is cream-2-powder, apply some moisturizer so the mixture is light, creamy and soft. Apply mixture on your face. Apply lightly under your chin. Allow to dry. If you have normal to dry skin, you do not need powder. But if you have oily skin, sweep powder lightly over the foundation.

Use soft bronzing powder to highlight the top of your cheek bone on either sides, your forehead and chin. Use same bronzing powder to highlight the arch of your eye brow.

4. For your eyes, bronze is a perfect shade for bridal makeup. You could mix bronze with gold to create a soft, shimmery shade. You do not need too much shine on your wedding day so if shimmer eyeshadow is all you’ve got, mix the eye shadow with a little moisturizer so it becomes creamy and less intense. Apply eye liner. If you are light in complexion, you can comfortably wear brown eye liner.

5. Smile and blush!

6. Keep your lips as soft as possible. Play with soft tones.

When you are done, get a handkerchief, sprinkle some talcum powder, shake it off and fold handkerchief into a square. Once you see shine appearing on your face, dab on the handkerchief by pressing it unto your skin. Do not wipe. But dab.

Good luck!

My family welcomes a new bride

Hi guys,
How y’all doing? It’s been a while … I know… I have been busy learning a new skill – the art of baking. I am never content with mastering one skill but constantly learning new things – my own way of enriching my life. Besides that, I travelled to my native home town in Benue State of Nigeria to attend my dear cousin’s wedding. Nigeria is a very large country so traveling from Lagos to Benue was moving from one extreme to another. If one were to go by road transport, it would take ten hours to make it to Benue. Not easy. But thank God for an airplane!

I had a great time with family – it was a reunion but most importantly, it was fun making my cousin’s very beautiful bride up for the wedding ceremony. I love weddings because I love the way makeup transforms brides into princesses on their special day and how such transformation elevates the spirits of the brides and transcends their disposition, attitude and confidence all through the ceremony. Some brides actually walk on air when the makeup is complete. My cousin’s bride felt this way.

Warning though: the pictures are not too good.

Here is the bride before makeup:


Here she is after makeup:



Our lovely couple:


As for the baking, I am getting there but I am back to blogging again.

Cheers guys!

Makeup for Nikkai (Moslem wedding)

Nikkai weddings take place at the mosque and just as in church weddings, my bride was dressed in white. I should have gone easy on the eyes right? But no.

Before makeup
Before makeup



Makeup by Bronzegoddess nigeria
After makeup



Nigerian makeup artist,



Makeup for Nigerian Nikkai wedding, Moslem wedding makeup


My personal favourite was the look I created for the Nikkai wedding reception ceremony:

Nigerian Nikkai makeup, cream glitter eyeshadow

Makeup for Nigerian traditional wedding

Nigerians are colourful people, so our weddings. When we makeup brides, restraint is a no no and nudes hardly apply. When I made my friend up for her wedding, I created three looks because the wedding was a two-day affair. First day was the customary marriage known as the traditional wedding when both families come together to perform traditional rites. The next day was the Nikkai – Moslem wedding, followed by the reception ceremony.


here is my friend without makeup:

Before makeup

Here is how she looked after makeup:



Makeup by Nigerian makeup artist
After makeup