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Two ways to be Nude 

Nude makeup is in now, which is quite interesting given that we spent the last couple of years creating dramatic makeup looks from intense facial contouring to intensely dark and dramatic eyes and lips. This year, Nude is wearing a new look: either you are bare-face with bold lips that express your personality or mood, or your lips are bare with minimal makeup. Drama is so last season.

For my two Nude looks, I deliberately used my natural brows without excessive grooming and neither did I wear a blush. For the eye makeup, I wore absolutely nothing in the first while a simple purple eye shadow from my Labelle palette was just enough. I didn’t even contour my eyes. Minimalism is the new trend. 

Milani matte fearless, revlon plum lipstick
For this look, I blended two of my favorite shades of dark lipsticks- plum. I absolutely love all shades of plum because plum is quite agreeable when it comes to wearing dark lips and it works well with any skin tone. For the look above, I combined Milani matte fearless lipstick with Revlon Plum lipstick to create a matte-cum-moisturizing lipstick that is neither dry nor glossy.

Milani matte fearless lipstick, revlon plum lipstick
Labelle eyeshadow, Labelle nude lipstick, Mary kay beach bronze lip gloss
For this look, I used Labelle purple shadow from the eyeshadow palette, and for the lips, I used a combo of Labelle Nude lip cream and a dash of classic Mary Kay beach bronze lip gloss for added shine. 

Nude lip gloss, Mary kay beach bronze lip gloss, Labelle nude lip cream
Both looks were pretty easy to create without contouring or blush. And both are great for day time looks as well. 


Daytime charm: lip glosses for daytime

Hi guys, I am still sharing posts from this month’s E-zine – A luxury Christmas


I love lip glosses because they provide the much needed moisturizing and sheer for our lips. They come useful during day time when we need the makeup simple and natural. I have toyed with a variety of colours but these days, glassy lip glosses now catch my fancy and I am rocking them with pleasure.

I fell in love with Mary Kay Sugar & Cream lip gloss as it has a sheer gold that I love. Fair & White Sharon is a glassy rosy shade that is soft. Zaron Divanese is the odd one out – the one shade I never thought I would try – it is like silver.


And what better way to wear these lip glosses than matching it with a charming day time makeup that is simple but speaks enough volume to stand out.

For this look, I used:
Fair & white two way cake foundation
Fair & White pressed powder
Sleek bronzer
Sleek blush

And for the eyes, I lightly lined with Sleek Dip it blue eye liner for a touch of colour. By contouring with soft brown shadow, it made the eyes less plain.

You should try it and share.