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Ultra dramatic: the cut crease makeup

Unlike my daily life, I love drama in makeup. So you can understand how pleased I was to create this dramatic cut crease green themed makeup in commemoration of my country’s independence. I loved it, hope you like it too.


Here is my model before makeup:



For this makeup, I used:
Flori Roberts foundation and powder
Sleek contour kit
Sleek blush
KIKO lipstick

Oh yes, and the green lashes!

There are other interesting ones I have:



These are absolutely reusable. Isn’t it that nice?

Oh well, please do share with me your makeup ideas.



Happy birthday Nigeria!

Nigeria turned 53 yesterday October 1, 2013. In the spirit of the celebration, I decided to theme this month’s edition of online magazine around my country’s Indepence.


For this edition, I drew inspiration from my national colour, which is green to create this intense, high drama makeup for this cover. Green represents so much to we Nigerians, and while it may represent our rich vegetation, it also means recreation, birth, blessing and forever youth to us. I am very proud of this look because it’s dramatic flair represents how complex and highly bold we Nigerians are as a people. We are very loud, daring and expressive people, so you can understand what went through my mind when I conceived this look.


To the many Nigerians still celebrating, I say Happy birthday to you!

Whilst the struggle continues, we continue to thrive and conquer;

And whilst the hurdles seem insurmountable, we will continue to triumph.

Here is to you Nigerians!

Bold & Sultry


For this look, I wanted a look that was bold, sensual and sexy. The fun part of this makeup came when I mixed green shimmer eyeshadow with gold shimmer eyeshadow to create this look. I enjoyed creating this look.

I used the following:

Maybelline mousse foundation
Flori Roberts pressed powder
Blush from my collection
17 pearl bronzer

On the eyes…

Shadows from my eyeshadow palette
Indelible gel eye liner (peacock)


On the lips…
Sleek lipstick mulberry




Bodacious lips


What makes this look pleasantly appealing is the bare face with strong lips. The lips were the statement factor for this look, as such, I kept the face as nude as possible to emphasize the lips.

For this look, I used:

Flori Roberts foundation
Flori Roberts pressed powder
Flori Roberts bronzer
Blush from my collection

On the eyes…

Black Opal twist up cream eye liner in coffee bean

On the lips…

Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner


My decision to use the gel eye liner was deliberate. I love over stretching the bounds of my makeup products. I think you should do same.



Audacious dramatic


For this look, I wanted fierce, I wanted drama. For the look, I used:

Mary Kay Timewise matte wear
Flori Roberts pressed powder
Blush from my collection

On the eyes…

Maybelline gel eyeliner, which I used to substitute cream eyeshadow.
Coastal scents 88 shimmer palette for the rest of the eyes

On the lips….

I used Maybelline gel eyeliner

I don’t know about you but I enjoy multi functional makeup and I enjoy substituting makeup products to do other functions than they were meant for. So, for this look, my star makeup product is Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner


Because this product is creamy, it makes for great drama eye lining and works even better as eye shadow for dramatic makeup. You want drama on your lips? It works magic! Just as the product promises – intense drama – not for the faint-hearted!



Audacious blue


Hi guys,

So this month, this look forms part of my audacious makeup collection. I wanted makeup look that was bold, daring and fierce.


For this look, I used:

Maybelline mousse foundation
Flori Roberts pressed powder
Bobbi Brown bronzer
Blush from my professional collection

On the eyes…

Maybelline gel liner (black)
Black Opal twist up cream liner (coffee bean) for smokey effect
Grimas cream makeup in shade of blue
17 wild midnight blue


On the lips…

Grimas cream lipstick nude
Purple lip gloss from my collection


Other products you could try …

Sleek eye dusts make great substitute to 17 shimmer cream eyeshadow. You could try Sleek ‘hypnotic’ or ‘ooh baby’ eye dust



And for the lips, you could try Sleek ‘Liqueur’ lipstick