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Bare face makeup

If you are one of those people who love natural makeup, then welcome to the club. I have met quiet a number of ladies who are intimidated by loud, bold makeup and as such, do stay away from makeup completely. I tell ladies, that makeup should enhance your natural beauty and not make you look false, masked or “made-up”. The natural, the better as light weight makeup gives a flawless, youthful look that excessive, caked-up makeup cannot give.

Do not go around wearing a naked, dull, plain face that exposes all the shine on your face all in the name of natural beauty when you can achieve natural beauty with the right makeup. This is what we all refer to as the “no-makeup makeup”. Bottom line, you must look bright at all times, and not be another forgettable and uninteresting face that no one wants to give a second look.  The makeup tip I am providing here is simple, quick and easy.


Rule no. 1:

Be true to yourself. Do not try to change to please any one. The fact that you want hassle free natural makeup does not mean that is not good enough, when in fact, you are perfect!

So here are some very simple steps:

For this look, you do not need both foundation and powder but just one of it.



If you have dry or normal skin, Any cream to powder foundation is perfect Or Mary Kay medium coverage foundation.

If you have oily skin, pressed powder is just perfect.

Secondly, you will need a concealer of your shade

3, Creamy lip pencil

4, Lip gloss

5, Eye pencil (optional)

6, Blush (optional)

7, Mascara

8, Natural (nude) eye shadow.


Here I am before makeup:

Before makeup


After cleaning your face, apply moisturizer and makeup base to create the perfect canvass and to keep shine away, if you have oily skin.

Next, apply concealer under the eyes, around your mouth area and forehead And your chin. This helps hide any discoloration or acne you might have as well as brighten your eyes and face in general.

How to apply concealer
How to apply concealer

Next, apply pressed powder all over the face.

Get a natural shade of eye shadow and apply on the eye lids. For most Africans, any shade of brown eyeshadow will do.

Line your eyes thin and soft with eye pencil or liner. Apply mascara.

Apply blush. For a lot of ladies who love natural makeup, blush seems like a no-no to them but I must say that blush mustn’t be another dash of color on the face – don’t be terrified by hot pink blushes or loud hues of wine blushes that put you off immediately. These days, blush does more than put color on our cheeks, they define our face by narrowing it and creating the perfect accent on our cheeks. So, if you are to buy a blush, buy a natural tanned version of your complexion, which instantly slims your face and creates a soft, natural blend.

for the lips, use a creamy lip pencil in your favourite colour, preferably soft brown and apply all over your lips for perfect coverage and long lasting colour. Top it with a natural or nude lip gloss.

Finished look
Finished look

This look is simple, no fuss and easy to do.

Give it a trial and tell me how you felt.





November blog magazine: Love me naturally!


November blog magazine



Hi guys,


how are you doing? Looking and feeling beautiful, I bet! Am happy to be back to blogging as I have been experiencing writer’s block; hence my late submission. I have been very busy conducting training sessions that it sapped my brain out. Well, I am taking it easy this month and treating concerns of natural beauty and natural makeup. While I adore makeup, I believe in natural looking makeup that is flawless and light weight. Over the course of my career, I have met countless women, who loved the simple ness of the natural look so much that they have had to avoid wearing makeup completely. Well, I can say to you that you can still wear makeup while looking natural.


in this month’s issue as well, I am writing some home truths about how our style affects our relationship, especially with the significant other and why some of us might be afraid of the truth, hence; the topic ‘When plain Jane loses her man to the material girl’ It makes fun reading.


so, please, do follow me this month on this posts and tell me exactly how you feel about them.


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