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Orange is my thang: MAC So Chaud lipstick review

So, orange is one of the colors that I adore because it uplifts my mood and brighten me up any time. So when I went shopping for MAC lipsticks, I bought So Chaud, which is a bright orange matte lipstick that feels creamy on application but remains matte all day. This lipstick is so long lasting that it can withstand food and drinks and still be stubborn to take off at bedtime.

It doesn’t leave your lips dry like most matte lipsticks but maintains a soft shine the entire day.

Orange matte lipstick
Loving this lipstick right now because with such strong lips, a nearly-bare face is just about right. This lipstick is worth having.


Another Christmas inspiration

Compliments guys!

I was merry all through December; I hope you were. I guess my positive, high spirit earned me some good returns because my creativity was heightened during the Christmas holiday so I got to try different makeup each day.

For this look, I played with red and green shadows.

Product roll call:

Flori Roberts foundation and powder
Flori Roberts concealer ‘earth’
Grimas cream shadow in two shades of red
Coastal scents 88 eyeshadow palette
Zaron blush
Flori roberts orange lipstick


I had fun each day with makeup. How did you spend your Christmas holiday?