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A radiant body polish


Hi guys,

I am still blogging about pre wedding skin prep and for this post, I am blogging about the importance of body polish. Body polishing exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells clogging your pores. It is customary for brides in Nigeria to use skin lightening body lotions but even they do not work most times because the skin pores are clogged. The African sun alone causes enough damage to our skin so what is actually hiding under our dull skin is a brighter, clearer skin but you can only get there when you remove the dirt clogging your skin.

I proffer a purifying, brightening, exfoliating body polish that will treat your skin as well as heal your skin.

Here is all you need for D-I-Y spa quality body polishing done at home:

Sugar (brown or white)
Body oil ( almond, olive, coconut, sesame … E.t.c.) or baby oil. I use Neutrogena light sesame oil because it is soft, velvety and does not clog the pores. Some dense oil can actually clog your skin.
Dried lemon or dried papaya. Either will purify and brighten your complexion for a radiant skin.


You will need about 100 grams granulated sugar and 50 grams dried lemon pounded into rough powder; and 2 Neutrogena caps of light sesame oil. This measurement varies from body size so be free to tweak it.

Once you’ve collated your ingredients, get a friend of yours or your partner to help with the body polishing. If you’ve got no one, sit on a chair instead, scoop some of the mixture onto your palm and massage unto your body, beginning with your neck, to your chest and work your way down. Get a long, slim towel to scrub your back with. Take your time so that every part of your body is taken care of. If you have someone to help, get a mat, put it on the floor and let the person kneel at your side. Body polishing, when assisted takes longer than thirty minutes. So relax and enjoy. Once done, take a warm bath to wash off. Because the oil in the mixture lubricates the skin sufficiently, you might not need moisturizing. If not, moisturize. Do this monthly and you will see how brighter and radiant your skin is.