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An au natural tip for a simple but elegant look

So, you like the natural look and want to look elegant without too much effort? Well, your eyes can make a difference to achieving this look without using too much eye makeup. How well you combine simple pieces like accessories, hair do and statement lips all add up to creating an elegant look that is simple and so you.

Remember to always moisturize your skin after cleansing your face. Use a foundation primer as well. And then use concealer under your eyes before applying foundation and powder. 

For the eyes, start with an eyeshadow base and then pick a simple, natural shade of eyeshadow which you will apply on the eye lid. I chose bronze shimmer eyeshadow. For contouring, I used coffee matte eyeshadow and a gold shade of shimmer eyeshadow for highlighting the brow bone. I used felt-tip eye liner to line my upper line of the eye. By extending the eye liner to the outer side of the eye, you stretch your eyes out a little. A stroke of gold eyeshadow mixed with coffee eyeshadow for the lower eye lid gives a subtle but bright finish.


Bold lips always complement a simple look like red, purple or even deeper colors for the lips. Don’t be afraid to try deep lip colors.

Tell me what you think and how you create the natural look that is so you.



Love that red! Review of Zaron Brick Layers lip pencil

Hi guys,

I hope this post helps beauties who like me, enjoy smacking their lips endlessly, only to shorten the stay-power of even your gorgeous lip sticks; worst of all, lip glosses. I find myself smacking my lips like every minute, which can be quiet annoying – really but I can no longer help it.

Over time, I have strengthen my lip colors with the right lipstick base and used lip liners as base as well, which instantly gives my lipsticks the stay power that it needs.  Oh well, I can keep up with this every time because I am always in a hurry. So, who comes to my rescue other than Zaron Lip pencils.

I love all shades of red; and I particularly love this Zaron Brick Layers red lip pencil.

This pencil is particularly special to me because it is a mix between dry and cream such that when applied on the lips, it feels creamy but soon mattifies once dry. I have used all different shades as lip liners or as lipstick base but this Brick Layers – my all time favourite and I comfortably use it as my lipstick. If you live in Nigeria, go buy it. This shade of red – Brick Layers looks understated until worn. I like the fact that it appears to be subtle but remarkable with the brown undertone. And I also like the fact that this rather affordable lip pencil saves me a whole lot of money in comparison to how much I spend on luxury lipsticks. Quiet thrifty I guess!

When I got the idea to wear a subtle green and orange eye makeup, I reached for the Brick Layers lip pencil because they blended quiet well. I love green but I am more of a lover of teal really so I was pleased with the smart blend of teal with the right amount of earthy green that this particular green eye shadow I just discovered in my eye shadow palette has.

Zaron brick layers lip pencil review



I did not apply that much lip pencil but I am sure that if I did, I would get a much deeper finish. Hope you like it!


Easy, chic makeup for office Christmas party


So, Christmas is here again; and we expect office End-of-year parties as well. When the year winds down, work schedules go up as companies rush to meet annual goals and targets; so certainly, your work load goes up as well. In the midst of this, is the office party you might not be ready for.

But do not worry. You do not need to pack a specialty makeup bag for the office party as you can comfortably go from day to night with this makeup tip. Here is what you need:

Luminous foundation alone – buy Mary Kay Timewise luminous foundation
A simple creamy, moisturizing lipstick. For this example, I used Mary Kay ginger bread lipstick
Blush – you can carry one or use same lipstick as blush
Eye liner


This makeup tip is simple and quick. Just go into the rest room, wash the stress off your face, allow to dry and moisturize your face.
Begin by applying concealer under your eyes
Then apply luminous foundation on your face. You do not need any powder what so ever. The luminous foundation gives a sheer finish that is great for a night out.

And then, apply your lipstick on your eye lids as cream eye shadow. Or you could pack regular eye shadow if you like.
Line the upper lash line with eye liner. Skip the lower lash line.
Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.
Apply red lipstick. I used Mary Kay Fire cracker

And you are done in 5 minutes!

This look is simple, chic and vintage. If you live a high stressed life, this is your go -to makeup.

Happy holidays!


Red alert

Hi guys,

Today started slow for me. In between downloading Apps, I decided to play with my coastal scents eyeshadow palette. So I said to myself, what colour combinations am I yet to explore? then came the decision to blend silver with red.

For this look, I used:
Flori Roberts cream to powder foundation, concealer and pressed powder
Flori Roberts blush ‘brandy’
Coastal scents eyeshadow palette
Maybelline gel eyeliner
Flori Roberts lipstick

Here is my result:


I liked it; I hope you like it too. Tell me what you think? Do you have something similar I could relate to? Please share!


Makeup for Nigerian traditional wedding

Nigerians are colourful people, so our weddings. When we makeup brides, restraint is a no no and nudes hardly apply. When I made my friend up for her wedding, I created three looks because the wedding was a two-day affair. First day was the customary marriage known as the traditional wedding when both families come together to perform traditional rites. The next day was the Nikkai – Moslem wedding, followed by the reception ceremony.


here is my friend without makeup:

Before makeup

Here is how she looked after makeup:



Makeup by Nigerian makeup artist
After makeup